Empowering Personal Health

Revolutionizing individual health through Personal Models and perpetual guidance using Personal Health Navigator.

Our Mission

IFH aims to integrate lifestyle, community, environment, and social factors in conjunction with clinical knowledge to radically transform health systems away from hospitals and into the hands of each individual. Use power of data created by the nexus of knowledge of genetics and biology, sensors, mobile technology, knowledge-based AI systems, data management, and medical technology to empower people to be healthy. Use power of mobile phones to create personal health navigators that will power healthcare for everybody -- the poorest people living in the remotest areas in the world. We convert Healthcare to become a popular Personal Health Navigation approach.



Our emphasis on lifestyle and environment requires understanding individual and population behavior in real life settings rather than controlled laboratories. By collecting large volumes of data and then selecting appropriate sets using right control parameters, one can understand real life behavior of people. Populations can then be appropriately formed by aggregating similar people.


Since Health research and guidance is based on diverse expertise as well as different geo-social-economic-cultural factors, we are forming partnerships with researchers, practitioners, and organizations in different parts of the world.


Our approach is to understand lifestyle and environmental factors as the affect an individual and use them to steer their health state based on their personal model. This requires collecting real-time lifestyle and enlivenment data in real-life situations. Also, helping people control their health and collect data about the effectiveness of approaches. This approach requires that we build an infrastructure to simultaneously do research and translation rather than first doing research and then translation.



Smart, Connected, and Coordinated Maternal Care for Underserved Communities


Internet of Cognitive Things for Personalized Healthcare


Holistic Stress Reduction in Adolescents through Multi-modal Personal Chronicles

Personicle Open Source





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